Birthday App

The app to remember birthdays

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A birthday reminder app.

  • List contacts birthdays ordered by age.
  • Birthday cards and wishes to forward.
  • Overview and reminder of birthdays.
  • Specify birthday reminders that will synchronise on all devices.
  • A widget that shows a party face when there is a birthday and grumpy when there isn't.
  • Saving the birthday persons using your iCloud.
  • Complies with Apple security standards.
  • A macOS app included.
  • iWatch notifications and audio controls.
  • Importing your contacts semi-automatically or adding them manually.
  • Family sharing when purchasing the app using Apple family settings.
  • Birthdays are saved device independent.
  • The option to invite friends.
  • The app data remains available when there is no internet connection.
  • App nap, multithreading.
  • Encrypted inter-process communication widget and app, using secure container.
  • DNSSec, http/3, IPv6, waf, bot & DDoS protection and certificates.
  • Free tvOS app with radio.
  • Radio player with lock-screen audio controls.
  • Show location, checks for updates, network health, speed, peace and zombies.
  • Detects magnets.
  • Support AirPlay.
  • Volvo connectivity.
  • E-mail client.
  • Airplay to LG WebOS and Libratone.
  • Waterresistant (iwatch).
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • This page uses passkeys.
  • A barcode scanner kids game.
  • Battery check.
  • Urban exploring flashlight with haptic feedback toggle, four experimental functions for fun and research.

Q: Is this a safe app?

A: This app views iOS contact data and saves a birthdaycard to photos. Data is not shared. It uses hardened runtime, along with System Integrity Protection (SIP), app sandbox (protection to system resources and user data), xprotect, firewall, secure enclave, family sharing and gatekeeper.

Review privacy statement:

Privacy statement

Review security info:

App security information

The app only stores data on your device and iCloud.

Terms of use and disclaimer.

Q: Why are some contacts grey when importing contacts or won't get imported?

A: These contacts do not have a birthday added or their birthdays do not include a year, only day and month, add the year using contacts or add the person manually.

Q: When using the macOS app I can't select multiple contacts when importing contacts?

A: Press and hold the command key (⌘).

Q: Is it environmental friendly?

A: The system may put the app to sleep.

Q: Versions?

52 (iOS, MacOS, iPadOS), 6 (tvOS)
iOS16, A12 Bionic.

I programmed a bank, it can be used with an api key to create your own money. Please send an email if you’d like a copy.